About Gro

Gro was founded to accommodate client requests for a transparent and innovative law firm that offers high quality legal services specialized for those founding new businesses, seeking capital, or implementing structural changes. Being pragmatic and business-oriented is particularly important to our clients and this is the foundation of Gro.

Our ambition is to be one of our client’s most important business partners and, unlike many other law firms, we see the business plan, the budget and the commercial issues as crucial to our work and success.

In order to work with all the exciting innovators and entrepreneurs Gro offers what possibly are the market’s most generous terms. Read more about our unique way of working in Sandbox.


Our vast international network is an important part of our business model as well as a great asset to our clients and partners. In addition to the external specialists and experts we choose to involve in different projects Gro also has attorneys and legal specialists – the Gro Crew.

Partners / Attorneys at law


Kristian Hermanrud


Kristian founded Gro Advokatbyrå to give entrepreneurs and management teams access to qualified legal counsel regarding ownership-related issues, structures and financing. Kristian is specialized on ownership- and fund agreements and has many years of experience representing leading Swedish founders and management teams in venture capital-owned companies and funds. Kristian previously worked as a specialist at Andulf Advokat and Advokatfirman Delphi in Stockholm.

Kristian is an attorney with an degree in finance from Uppsala University and Masters of Laws (LLM) from both the US and Sweden.

S Bruno Headshot

Sofia Bruno


Sofia specializes in IT- & privacy law (GDPR / ePrivacy) and commercial agreements with experience representing startups, governmental authorities and large international companies. Before joining Gro, Sofia held the position as head counsel Europe at the technology company Outbrain UK Ltd in London. Prior to that, Sofia worked as a Legal Digital & Privacy Expert at the digital mailbox company Kivra AB and as a lawyer at Advokatfirman Delphi in Stockholm.

Sofia holds Masters of Laws (LLM) from Stockholm University.


Oskar Belani


Oskar Belani has many years experience from the M&A market aswell as venture capital and public capital markets. He primarily represents entrepreneur managed companies and their investors in matters relating to acquisitions, financing and corporate governance. Furthermore, Oskar is often retained in connection with crowdfunding campaigns and equity based incentive arrangements. Oskar has previously worked at Advokatfirman Vinge and Synch Advokat.

Oskar Has a bachelor degree in communications and a law degree from Uppsala University.

Why an attorney?

Unlike many other consultants (including those who call themselves lawyers), an attorney (Sw. advokat) is a professional title earned by membership in the Swedish Bar Association and only those who have been accepted as members of the Swedish Bar Association carry the right to the title attorney. An attorney in Sweden must adhere to strict statutory duties regarding confidentiality and loyalty. In addition to requirements of a 4.5 year legal education and qualifying exams at the Swedish Bard Association, attorneys must practice law for at least three (3) years with another attorney before they can apply to become members of the Swedish Bar Association. Attorneys are also required to participate in continuous education and to carry insurance. By hiring an attorney you will therefore not only ensure that the quality of work is of a high enough level, you are also guaranteed that all correspondence and discussions with your attorney will be protected by attorney client privilege. Neither may attorneys receive compensation in the form of commissions or by taking equity in a client company so you can always rely on getting objective and professional advice.

For Gro it is important that you are given access to our services in a way that suits you. Read more about how we work with some companies under Sandbox.


gro verb ~dde ~tt, pres. ~r subst.: groende växa, stiga fram ur något

bildl.; särsk. om tanke, själstillstånd o. d. som långsamt utvecklar sig
liksom genom en inneboende kraft