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The specialists at Gro are comprised of a closely assembled crew with backgrounds from Sweden’s leading law firms. The specialists at Gro have assisted startups, international companies, institutional investors, niche funds and management teams for many years and through such experience Gro has created a unique competence on the market to draft, negotiate and review ownership and investment agreements. These services are usually only provided to larger companies and professional funds but Gro now offers the same expertise to entrepreneurs and other operating companies.

The Gro Crew also has extensive experience and expertise regarding privacy protection and GDPR compliance programs. Gro provides guidance and prepares companies and organizations for the new data protection regulation (GDPR), as well as provides specialist competence within IT-related law, commercial agreements and intellectual property rights.

By contacting Gro to discuss your business challenges you will not only get an idea of what’s important and why, the end product will be a tailor-made solution that can provide the framework for your success.

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